Tuesday, August 25, 2015

How to Reupholster Your Camper Cushions

This was my first big project for the pop up.  I couldn't stand the cushions, they were dirty and the horrible pink and blue paint brush stroke colors were hideous.  I started shopping for fabric at craft stores and couldn't believe the prices for the duck cloth I wanted.  It was going to cost me about $50 to $80 (slight stroke...yikes)!  
I started looking around for other options to use for covering the cushions.

One day shopping with my mom we were just going to random stores and decided to hop into Down East Home and Furniture outlet store.  We were wandering around and noticed some fabric and blankets towards the back of the store.  
And we found this little plastic bag with this cute stripe pattern.
It was a twin sized duvet cover and it was only $20!!
I couldn't have found that much fabric if I tried for that amount.  We pulled it out of the package and checked to see how many cushions it would cover.  Our estimate was all four without a problem.  Holy cow, what a find, and with all the colors I wanted.

My first part of this project was unpicking the duvet apart so I could use all of the fabric.  It took a long time, but a couple movies later it was done.
I had been checking Pinterest for ideas on how to cover these cushions.  I am new to my sewing machine and most of the tutorials were a little intimidating.  I decided to go the easy way.  I wrapped and stapled the fabric over the cushions.  So easy and I must say that a staple gun is a fun little toy. :)

They look SOOOOOO much better don't they??  I am very impressed and I love how the colors are neutral and have so many different options that I can change anything out if I wanted in the future.


  1. Hello. Love all the ideas. I'm wondering how you stapled the fabric. Did you staple it to the cushion? It's hard to tell in the photos. I guess my question is how are you able to position the stapler to hold the fabric in the deeper areas that are not along the seam?

    1. Thank you! I just put the fabric around the existing cushion. It has a plywood board inside that I stapled it to.