Thursday, September 17, 2015

Updating the Curtains

Pink!!!  Can you see the PINK!! Ugh!
Enough exclamation marks :)
So this was the biggest eye sore to me in our pop up.  It just made it weird inside.  Really no other explanation than weird. My husband says that it doesn't really matter to him what it looks like inside, but it so matters to me.
I was very excited to get started. 

My first thought was to buy fabric and sew the curtains.  But I came to the same conclusion that I did with my cushions...too much $$$!  So I started looking around at stores for curtains.  I went back to our colors in the cushions but knew that I could go with just about anything.  
I found these tan thermal curtains for a steal at a local store.  They are lined on the back, cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter.  The length was perfect to cut in half and sew the bottom so they don't fray.  At the same store I found the cutest valance and my curtains were almost done.  I just needed to find some curtains for the beds.  I found some green curtains and I was just so excited to start.  I got the longest length 84" and halving it, the 42" length was perfect making them not too long or short.

Our camper has these wonderful tabs that the curtains were hooked/sewed onto.  I used this idea from The Pop Up Princess.  My sister and I spent a sweltering hour gluing the hooks onto each and every one of those tabs!  I used JB Weld and the small command hooks.  

 When I was up looking at the tabs, I found this opening in the canvas.  I was a little stressed because it was a big hole and enough for bugs to come in.  I hate bugs!  The Velcro was gone and the seal was down and unable to move while the camper was fully popped up.  So I got some new fabric Velcro and while the pop up was partially up I climbed in and put the seal back in.  Closed up nice and tight again.  Hopefully no more bugs and cold coming through.

 This is what the pop up looks like with all those curtains down.  It looked pink afterglow!
Since the curtains were down I decided to try something else.

We had those black streaks on our windows and used this idea from The Pop Up Princess to wipe and clean the windows and canvas.  It worked great and was very pleased to see the before and after pictures.

At first when I was doing the curtains for the beds I just sewed the drapery hooks on and was going to put the valance above.  But it didn't seem that it would work.  I then cut the valance in half and sewed it to the top party of the curtains and it turned out looking really good.  
I also used what fabric was left from my cushions and made tie-backs.

Sewing the curtains and drapery hooks was a very long process.  I borrowed my sister's rotary cutter to cut them all in half, used my sewing machine and sewed the bottom.  I even sewed some curtains together so we didn't have to worry about them parting all the time.  I had to hand sew those drapery rings.  It was a long project, but I watched a lot of movies (Netflix loves me)  and finally got them done.  
(This picture above makes these tan curtains look a little pinkish, but they are tan.)

Here is a close up of the drapery rings.  One thing that we found when we went camping while the curtains were not quite done.  (Just no valances up).  I was getting really annoyed because the rings pop off of the hooks very easily.  I was going through my bags and came across my small rubber bands and wrapped them around the hooks.  It helped quite a bit.  Just made a colorful addition. :)
They still pop off sometimes but not as easily.  
They look really good and when I am done with the whole pop up I will have better pictures.

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  1. I love the colors that you chose, it really beats that awful pink look. YUCK! What kind of camper person chooses pink? I really loved the deer print you found it's perfect for camping. I'm lucky enough to have a good roof and not too bad brown curtains in our Viking camper, but they are boring. So while shopping around for fabric I came across They have upholstery fabric at great prices and they even have some great camping print fabrics. I live in Florida where it gets really warm in the summer so we only camp in the winter unless we are going up north. So this winter I will be redoing our camper and using a lot of the ideas from you and the Pop-Up Princess! Thanks for a great blog!