Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Roof of our Pop Up Camper

Our pop up has the wonderful ABS roof.  That great big piece of plastic that cracks, breaks and is not fun to repair.  About five years ago there was a crack, that turned into a tear which the wind caught on a hunting trip and ripped the ABS roof off.  Luckily my husband was able to catch some of it before it blew off completely.  At that time we decided to grab rolls of white duct tape and repair the roof.  We taped the edges down where it ripped and then layered the tape over and over.  Amazingly it has held up for five years.  We have done small repairs with more duct tape.  It seems to have worked quite well.  And then I saw the Pop Up Princess ABS Roof Repair and I got excited about all the ways we can fix this roof.


I did more research about what to do, as ours is not quite as simple as just repairing cracks.  We went to our local trailer store and found some RV/Trailer Roof repair paint.  We didn't know what it would do exactly was so we only bought two small cans.  We also bought Henry Elastomeric Roof coating at the hardware store to put over the top of the roof repair to do a final seal.  

We had to take off all of the duct tape in order to paint on the roof repair. It took a couple of nights for us to remove it all and then we used Gorilla duct tape to seal the edges where the roof  had come off.  We then painted the roof repair over where there was no ABS roof plastic.

Because we had some bad weather we had to move the camper into our garage for the next step of the project.  We did three coats of the Henry Roof Coating.  And we had to wait a full day before painting on each coat.

This is what it looked like after one coat.

And after three coats, it looks so good!
My husband just came back from a hunting trip and the roof stood up to some weather and traveling.  I will let you all know if we run into any issues.  But so far it looks like this may have worked.

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